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Q: We have an office where we are getting excessive heat and glare coming through the west facing glass in the afternoon, can you offer a product that can reduce that heat and glare?
Absolutely! The biggest benefit of solar control window film is how effectively that it can reject large amounts of direct heat coming from the sun, window film can reduce the heat from entering into your office glass by up to 81%. It can also dramatically reduce the energy consumption of the office and offer a environmentally friendly and cost effective solution. Businesses are looking for a cost effective long term solution to help their running costs... Window film is an ideal solution.
Q: Hi, does Getinted offer a range of Decorative films that can be applied to glass?
Yes. At Getinted we have access to hundreds of different decorative glass films. We can also offer completely customized solutions. Including digital image printing onto frosted films, and custom logo's and branding. Just get in touch with us, and we will go from film to finish.
Q: I have a sedan, how dark am I allowed to tint my car windows?
There are laws in place limiting the darkness or VLT (Visual light transmission) of the film that you can place on your car, there is currently a push within the tinting industry to create 1 limit that will apply to all states across Australia. There are many issue that can arise from installing a film that doesn't meet the limits of your state. The current limit for a passenger vehicle is 35% VLT. You can view the films here on our Tint Simulator
Q: Hey there, do you guys have a car tinting workshop in Melbourne for tinting my car?
Yes, we have a car tinting facility at 11 Mary Court in Epping, we have a clean and enclosed area to work in. This is to minimize any chance of getting small dust spots between the film and the glass. Creating the ideal conditions allows us to get excellent results. Quality is very important to us at Getinted.
Q: What is the warranty your business offers with your window films?
We proudly offer a Nation wide lifetime of the vehicle warranty on all of our Automtive films, and a lifetime warranty on our residential films.
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